These are the 5 most dangerous islands in the world, despite looking beautiful, they are deadly


If you want to see the amazing views of nature very closely, then nothing can be a more beautiful place than an island. Because the beauty of the island is such that it captivates the heart of any human being. But today we are going to tell you about some dangerous islands of the world through this article, where it is better not to go. Because these islands are very beautiful, but at the same time they are life-threatening.

Myanmar's Ramri Island

This is the Ramri island of Myanmar, which is also known as the 'island of crocodiles'. There are many saltwater lakes here, which are full of dangerous crocodiles. The island is named in the Guinness Book of World Records, as the dangerous crocodiles living on the island have caused the most harm to people. Around 1000 Japanese soldiers were passing through the island at the time of World War II, but the dangerous crocodiles here attacked them and chewed them alive. Only 20 soldiers were able to escape and go back alive, the rest of the 980 soldiers were made morsels by crocodiles. Although some scientists and historians do not accept this phenomenon as true.

Sable island

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, this island is known as 'Sable Island'. This island, 42 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide, is also known as 'The Island of Sand' and 'Cemetery of Darya'. More than 300 ships have crashed and sunk here. The reason behind this is that this island looks like seawater from a distance, it spoils most ships and crashes here due to high speed.

Saba Island

Sabah Island, located in the Netherlands, is spread over just 13 square kilometers. This island is very beautiful, but it is equally dangerous. Because it has the highest number of storms in the world. Many ships have broken and sunk around the island due to this storm. Currently, there are around 2000 people living on this island.

Luzon Island

It is the island of Luzon in the Philippines, also known as 'Volcano Island'. There is a dangerous and active volcano named 'Tal Valkano' here. There is a volcanic lake in its crater called Tal Lake. People come from all over the world to see it. However, going here is not full of danger. Because when a volcano erupts, no one knows. This had happened recently, after which the surrounding areas were evacuated quickly.

Isol la gaola

It is the island of 'Isol la Gaola' in Italy, which is considered cursed. The story of this small island located in the Gulf of Naples is terrific. It is said that the purchaser either dies or something or the other happens to him and his family. Many owners who bought the island have died here. It is now under the island government and has been deserted for many years. Although people come here to roam, they also leave before nightfall.