These animals get the feeling of an earthquake! Click here to know


Here natural calamities like pandemic storm cyclones and earthquakes have been decreasing for few days. But with the help of animals we can find out about natural disasters. Some of the animals start giving signs. It is said that animals give prior notice of future events.

Snakes are preceded by any earthquake and tsunami-like devastating storm. The snake attaches the lower part of its jaw to the ground and feels the waves and subtle movements rising from the earth. As soon as the earthquake is felt, Sump leaves his bill and comes out.

Frogs are also prone to earthquakes or disaster. If all the frogs start leaving the pond together, then understand that an earthquake is going to happen. One species, similar to or similar to frogs, has been found to have surprisingly disappeared with the entire group before the earthquake. Wherever there is an earthquake, all the frogs disappear magically from about 3 days ago.

Fish are also already aware of tsunamis or earthquakes in the sea. They already catch earthquake waves. Orfish that are believed to be deep in the ocean are the fastest to feel an earthquake. The ribbon-like, nearly 5-meter-long, fearsome-faced fish does not usually hit the seashore, but has been found on the coasts at the time of the earthquake.

According to a study presented at an annual meeting of the European Ante Geoscience Union, the red ant can also understand the signs of earthquake. Once the two Richter scale earthquake occurred, the ant's activity changed. Earlier, the ant used to stay in the bill at night, but came out during the earthquake.