These 7 Mistakes Increase Dark Spots On the Face, Bad Skin Tone


If you are troubled by your dark spots and hyperpigmentation problem, then these mistakes may be due to this.

Many times pigmentation occurs on our face in such a way that even after working hard, it does not get cured. The problem of pigmentation occurs to many people and various treatments are also given for it, but if seen, many times our problems are caused by some of our mistakes. We do not even know which of our habits are increasing the age of our face by 10 years.

All these mistakes can happen whether you do it inadvertently or many times in laziness. The age of the face also increases because we are not able to give him the necessary nutrition, then why don't we stop making those mistakes which spoil the face and age marks start appearing on our face quickly. Today we are going to tell you about 7 such mistakes that create dark spots on the face and increase pigmentation.

1. Home Lighting -

Many times people are not aware that the fluorescent light they are exposing too much can be harmful to the skin. Laptops, tablets, phone screens, and indoors fluorescent bulbs are more prone to hyperpigmentation of the skin. Nowadays people are completely away from the light due to work from home and this is very wrong.

  • What to do to avoid it-
  • Keep sunscreen with low SPF at home too.

Make sure to go under the sun for a while and let the natural light in the skin be absorbed.

2. Exfoliate the skin too much-

Exfoliation is essential in skincare routines, but this does not mean that you exfoliate it excessively. If you have acne skin, then this problem will be even more. Our skin becomes dirty due to bacteria and any other pollutants and it is necessary to clean it, but if cleaning is done more than necessary then it can also be a cause of damage.

Excessive exfoliation can cause hyperpigmentation. According to experts, exfoliation is sufficient for dry skin twice a week and oily skin once a week. It does not need to do much more.

3. Burst your acne -

Now let's also assume, we often make these mistakes. I have also and know of many people who do this. Cleansing your ankles, trying to remove the grains, removing pus, etc. are all very bad and 90% of people make this mistake. In some people, it aggravates the problem of hyperpigmentation and dark spots occur in different places on their face, on the cheeks, on the forehead.

Even if the acne does not grow, but there is a problem of hyperpigmentation and acne spots. So always stay away from these kinds of things.

4. Not using sunscreen-

If someone is the biggest beauty mistake, then that is that you do not use sunscreen. As we told in the first point that sunscreen should be applied at home as well, so do not forget to apply it while going out. You always have to use sunscreen and apply it again after a few hours. To make the face look fresh, you need to include it in your skincare routine. In 3-4 hours, you should apply sunscreen again. Apply it under the eyes especially so that no stains can appear on the sensitive skin of your face.

5. It is also important to remove night time skincare treatment-

Doctors often adjust nighttime skincare routines for pigmentation, dark spots, etc. This is because the night skincare routine works more effectively on our skin and it can make the skin very blossom. But some products can irritate the skin like acidic toner etc. This can also increase rather than reduce the problem. In such a situation, if you do not suit nighttime skincare treatment, then do not use it and if you are also doing suit, then in the morning you clean your face thoroughly and then apply sunscreen. This way nighttime skincare products will not stay on your face for long.

6. Use of excess lemon on the skin-

See, lemon is used a lot in DIY tips, but you also need to understand that lemon contains citric acid which can also spoil the skin's PH balance. If you are using lemon juice on the skin, then you should stay away from the sun when it is applied to the face. This can cause acidic reactions.

7. You are using hydroquinone or retinoic acidic products a lot -

If you are troubled by the problem of dark spots etc. on your skin, it may be due to products with too much retinoic or hydroquinone acid. It can also worsen skin concentration and may increase hyperpigmentation on the skin. Therefore, before using such products, you must talk to your doctor.