These 5 tricks and Vastu rules related to lemon will keep you away from all troubles!


On one hand, where the lemon remedy is used to enhance the test of eating, the same lemon is used in astrological remedies and tantric deeds. Lemon is also used to protect against eye defects, architectural defects, external air, or sorcery. According to Vastu Shastra, if the Vastu rules and measures related to lemon are followed properly, many troubles of life can be got rid of.

There are many tricks associated with lemons that can change your luck. By applying lemon plant in the house, the evil forces do not enter the house and this also reduces the effect of Vastu Dosh. For this, plant a lemon plant in your home lawn.

If there is estrangement between husband and wife, then fill water in a big pot in your bedroom and put two parts of the whole lemon in it. Change the water of the vessel every other day and add a new lemon to it. Do this remedy for at least 1 month. By doing this, the relationship between husband and wife will be strengthened and love will also increase.

If a healthy person suddenly becomes unhealthy and there is no effect of any medicine on it, it can also be due to eyesight. In such a situation write 307 in black ink over a whole lemon and remove it from the vomit on the person 7 times. By taking this remedy, the health of the victim will be cured soon.

If a person often has bad and scary dreams at night, due to which he is afraid and does not sleep properly, then take this remedy. For this, put a green lemon under the pillow of that person. When the lemon dries, remove it and keep another green lemon. Doing this 5 times in a row will stop the dreaded dreams and sleep properly.

If you are not getting success even after hard work, then take a lemon and 4 cloves with you and go to a Hanuman temple. After reaching the temple, put four cloves on top of the lemon and sit in front of Hanumanji and recite Hanuman Chalisa. After this, pray to Hanumanji for success and start your work with lemon. Doing this will increase your chances of success in your work