These 5 tips given by physiotherapists can be a panacea for patients with arthritis


Nowadays one problem which is seen in many people is Arthritis. It is now becoming a major concern even for the younger people and in many people, it starts from the age of 40. Arthritis is a condition in the joints of the body in which the joints become inflamed and the first symptom is stiffness. It becomes more severe and painful with age.

Although there are many types of Arthritis, it is divided into two main types. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rheumatoid is an autoimmune disorder in which the joint capsule is affected and it causes inflammation in the joints and ultimately the joint cartilage. Osteoarthritis is caused by everyday internal wear and tear.

Many times people have to face many problems due to both of this arthritis. But to find out what precautions patients with Arthritis should take in their daily routine so that they can benefit, we spoke to the doctor, Samarth Suryavanshi, a working physiotherapist at Mandal Rail Hospital Bhopal. He told us many rules related to it that can help in relieving pain.

Tips that may be better for patients with arthritis -

1. Exercise-

Although it is also difficult for patients with Arthritis to get up at times if the right physiotherapy is done then their muscles can get strength due to which friction in joints is reduced. According to Doctor Samarth, you should decide on the exercise with the advice of your physiotherapist.

Work tip-

According to Doctor Samarth, taking quadriceps hamstrings training can prove to be most beneficial. Most physiotherapists recommend this.

2. Posture-

It is very important to have the right posture to give comfort in arthritis so that a person can avoid joint pain. This pain is always aggravated by our way of sitting wrong. Which way to keep the foot can also tell you the physiotherapist, so that your pen is less.

Work tip-

According to Doctor Samarth, you should avoid sitting bend for a long time. By doing so, the cartilage is stressed and the joints are under extreme pressure. It can become a major cause of joint pain.

3. Weight control-

If you have problems with arthritis then it is very important that you control your weight as it increases the joint's pain greatly and according to a study, if one kilo of body weight increases, then it is considered 4 kg in the joint. goes. This can also lead to cartilage damage.

Work tip-

If you are gaining weight, then you can control it by eating and drinking, but still, exercise will be very important.

4. Avoid injury -

Even a minor injury can be fatal if you have arthritis. Therefore, it is important to take precautions every day, and hitting or falling against a wall can cause a lot of problems.

Work tip-

According to Doctor Samarth, people often hit their hands in their knees in pain and repeatedly hit hands on their joints is also called microtrauma, which increases joint pain further. You should avoid doing this, it does not reduce the pain, rather you increase it.

5. Balanced diet-

Patients with Arthritis should take a balanced diet under the supervision of a specialist. Lack of calcium and vitamin D should not be done at all so that joint pain can be relieved.

Work tip-

Along with exercise, you should also get a diet chart so that you can control your weight. A healthy diet protects the body from many problems.

According to the physiotherapist, you have to take care of these 5 things daily. If someone is not keeping his attention properly then he will have more problems later. Someone whose home has already had Arthritis should take care of their body right from the beginning. So if you are also troubled by joint pain or arthritis problems then definitely try these tips.