These 5 things related to eunuchs you must know! It will shock you


Eunuchs are seen in our society from very different eyes. They do not have the respect they should have. They are favored in every field. That is why today they are forced to earn their livelihood by singing and dancing. Today we are going to tell you about some things related to them.

- Whenever any new member joins Kinnero's group, he is given a grand welcome. They are welcomed by dancing.

The deity of Kinro is called Iravan or Aravan. The eunuch marries his deity and celebrates it as an elation and mourns the next day he becomes widowed.

- Kinner has also contributed in the Mahabharata. The eunuch named Shikhandi helped Arjun to kill Bhishma Pitamah.

- When the Pandavas were in the unknown, Arjuna spent time as a eunuch.

On the death of a eunuch, it is carried away in a very secret way and burnt and the funeral procession of eunuchs is also taken out at night.