These 4 diets will make your teeth and gums strong


Today, it is seen that a large population is facing troubles related to their teeth and gums. The main reason for this is not getting enough nutrients. In such a situation, we have brought some such diet for you, with the help of which necessary nutrients can be replenished and teeth and gums can be strengthened. So let's know about these diets.


For healthy teeth, we must consume an apple regularly. The nutritious elements in it play a special role in providing you with the best nutrients as well as keeping the teeth and gums strong. It has also been confirmed in many research that apple is an excellent fruit for the good health of teeth and gums.

cottage cheese

During a clinical trial, it was observed that people who have a bad mouth problem noticed a significant decrease after consuming the item. Apart from this, the amount of calcium and vitamin-A present in cheese also keeps teeth and gums strong and reduces the risk of bleeding gums to a great extent.


You will also know how important vitamin-A is for the health of teeth. This is the reason why, considering the role of Vitamin-A in oral health, eating carrots is also advised by the doctor. It can also work to keep teeth strong and keep them away from the problem of yellowing. It also makes teeth strong.


After the discovery of Shankar species, radish is easily available in every season. According to scientific research, the consumption of radish is considered very beneficial for the health of teeth. However, some people say that radish smells after eating radish, but to ignore it, you can also wash your mouth with mouthwash after eating radish.