These 10 signs indicate the end of Kali Yuga! 


1. By the end of the age, the age and life of a human being will be reduced by half. In just 16 years, the hair of humans will get whitewashed and at the age of 20, old age will come.

3. Things like shame and dignity will end. Man will again reach the naked state. Man would like to live life by indulging in hoarding.

4. Pandits will consume meat and liquor like a demon and will give education and knowledge like a demon Pandit. Leer, dishonorable, insidious, vicious, honorable, and venerable, while cultured and characterless will be humiliated.

5. The dignity of human relationships and relationships will end. Everyone will have sex with each other's bodies.

6. The person will be respected by his color, appearance, and wealth rather than his qualities.

7. Murkha, lowly, sinful, devious, will be in the ranks of the king, and gyani, dani, sanskari will appear in the following positions.

8. Every holy thing in the world will lose its importance by placing it on logic and impure thing will be captured and accepted.

9.Insans will behave like animals and prefer to consume animals.

10. Definitions of terms like honor dignity and character will be changed.