There will be no problem of spreading kajal when you will apply with these preparations


Kajal gives a sharp look to the eyes as well as beauty. You can completely change the look by just applying kajal. But the look will also change when the kajal is spread around the eyes. Many people must have also been advised that by applying branded kajal, there is no problem of smudging or spreading. But even after taking expensive kajal, if you are struggling with this problem, then follow the tips given here once. Because it will solve your problem to a great extent.

Cleaning around the eyes

While doing facewash, the whole focus remains on the cheeks, whereas the forehead, the chin is also a part of the face, but we have less focus on it and because we feel that if the facewash does not go into the eyes, then we ignore that area too. . So don't make this mistake. Carefully and very gently clean the area around the eyes as well. So that the greasiness there is removed. This is a big reason for spreading kajal. If you have oily skin, before applying kajal, rub ice around the eyes and then apply kajal.

Do this preparation

Before eye makeup, the surrounding area has to be prepared. This means using a primer. This makes a good base for applying mascara. If you do not use a primer, use an oil-free foundation instead. As well as a loose powder, it absorbs the extra oil from the area around the eyes.

The right way to apply kajal

Choose a kajal that is smudge-free and long-lasting along with being a good brand. Always start applying kajal from the outer part of the eyes and then move inwards.

Don't touch eyes

Do not touch the eyes after applying kajal. Yes, if it is damaged, remove it immediately. Due to touching many times, the mascara gets on the fingers and spreads to the surrounding area, and spoils the entire makeup. Even after adopting all these tips in the rainy season, there may be a problem of spreading kajal, so be prepared for it.