The world's oldest wine going to be auctioned! Click here to know its price


You must have heard that the older the wine, the higher its price. Now the world's oldest liquor sale is going on in the city of LaGrange, Georgia, USA. The oldest wine in the world is said to be Old England whiskey and will be auctioned online from June 22 to 30.

According to auctioneer Skinner, it is a historic bourbon whiskey. This is the only bottle left in its world. It was gifted by JP Morgan to a Washington man in the 1940s. This family kept this gift for three generations and now it is being auctioned. You will be surprised to know that this wine is 250 years old.

According to experts, it was built between 1762 and 1802. The bottle of wine is thus a historical Revolutionary War that broke out in the 1770s and around 1790 when the Whiskey Rebellion took place.

Now talk about its price, it is being said that it can be bid for 20 to 40 thousand dollars i.e. 15 to 30 lakh rupees. The financier, John Pierpont Morgan, bought the wine bottle during his visit to Georgia. Jack Morgan gifted it to James Bryans of South Carolina for auction. Bryans gave this bottle to a close friend of his, Francis Drake. The Francis family has preserved this bottle for three generations and it is now being auctioned.