The world's most unique tree, gives 40 kinds of fruits in one go


We know that a tree bears the same type of fruit, but if we say that there is a tree that bears 40 kinds of fruits, what would you say? It is a little hard to believe, but it is absolutely reality. Today we will tell you about one such fruit.

A professor of visual arts in the US has developed such a wonderful plant, which grows 40 types of fruits. This unique plant is famous as 'Tree of 40'. It carries many fruits like plum, salu, apricot, cherry and nectarine.

You will be very surprised when you know its price. The Tree of 40 costs around Rs 19 lakh.

The tree has been developed by Sam von Aiken, a professor of visual arts at the University of Syracuse, USA. They have taken the help of science to grow this tree. He started it in 2008, when he saw a garden in the New York State Agricultural Experiment, which had 200 kinds of plum and apricot plants.

Since Professor Vaughan was born into a family related to farming, he was also very interested in farming. He took this garden on a lease and with the help of grafting techniques he succeeded in growing an amazing tree like 'Tree of 40'.