The world's most poisonous fish, whose one drop of poison can destroy the entire city


A different kind of comfort is found by sitting on the banks of deep water, river, or sea and watching the floating fish. There will be many of us who will like it very much. But you will be surprised to know that you can face death even in the face of fish on the seashore. Many poisonous animals are found in the world. Many of these are also animals that are so poisonous that they can kill you in a moment. Something similar is stonefish. This poisonous fish is found in the sea near the Makar Rekha.

Stonefish looks like stone. This is why most people do not recognize and fall prey to it. Even by mistake, if someone sets foot on this fish, it removes poison in the amount of weight that falls on itself. This poison is so dangerous that if it gets in the foot, then the leg will have to be amputated and even a little carelessness can cause death.

This fish releases its venom at a rapid pace of 0.5 seconds. That is, it does its work as soon as the blink of an eye. The poison of this fish is so dangerous that if a drop of it is added to the water of a city, then every person in the city can die.

If a human's body comes in contact with the poison of this fish, then its death is certain. Only God can save ahead of it. The world is full of strange creatures. Every day, explorers find thousands and discover new creatures.

Therefore, it is completely different from all the fish found in the world. It does not look like fish but looks like a stone. The body of all fish is very tender, while its body is like a stone. Its upper shell is hard as stone. This stone shell above the fish looks somewhat like a human face.