The use of Tulsi can prove to be beneficial!


Tulsi plant is found in the courtyard of every house nowadays. It is worshiped in homes. Tulsi is the treatment of many problems of the body, hence it is called Ramban because it has many medicinal properties.

- It is very important to have a mixture of Tulsi or Chai or any Ayurvedic product.

-Tulsi plant purifies the environment because it is said to be the only plant that protects us from ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.

-Tulsi is the most effective type of disease or stomach problem.

People taking basil should be especially careful -

- Tulsi must be consumed. But whenever consuming it, swallow its leaves directly with water, ie do not chew it and eat it. Do not consume basil in excessive quantity, otherwise, it can cause many diseases.

- Another important thing is that Tulsi should never be taken with milk, you are telling this because often people add Tulsi in milk while making tea, if you do it then be careful because Tulsi with milk for health It is very harmful, as well, if you eat or drink milk or anything made from milk, then basil should not be consumed even after 1 hour.