The unique village of India, where the villagers paint their houses with black color, know the reason behind this


No one uses only black to paint houses. Not only this, oil paint, emulsion paint, or lime color is not a black color in anyone's catalog. Because the demand for this color is absolutely nil. But tribal-dominated villages in the Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh and black-colored houses in the city are easily visible. Tribal people still paint the floors and walls of their houses with black color. There are many beliefs behind this.

Before Diwali, all the people get their houses painted. This year too, the people of the tribal society of Jashpur district are coloring their homes by choosing black color as per tradition. The villagers paint the walls of the houses with black soil. For this, some villagers prepare black color by burning the plummet, while some make black color by burning tires. Explain that earlier black soil was easily available, but it is being done if black soil is not available.

Uniform color to bring uniformity in society

The people of the Agharia tribal society started painting houses with black color to show uniformity. This color has been used since the time when tribals were away from the glare. At that time there was black soil or mint soil to paint the houses, and it was dyed. Even today, seeing the black color in the village, it is known that this is a tribal house. Uniformity remains black.

In dark-colored houses, it is so dark during the day that only the member of the house is aware of what is in which room. Please tell that there are fewer windows in the houses of tribal people. There are small skylights. The risk of theft in such houses is less.

Along with this, a feature of black was also that the black mud wall was comfortable in all kinds of weather. Not only this. The tribals also make many artifacts on the walls. For this too, walls are painted black.