The unique country of the world, which is called the country of lakes


Finland is a beautiful country located in the Phenoscanadian region of Northern Europe. Do you know that Finland is also called the 'country of lakes'? Now you must be wondering what is so special that this country is called the country of lakes. So tell you that there are more than one lakh 87 thousand lakes here, which adds beauty to the beauty of the country. Apart from all these, there are many other interesting things related to Finland, after knowing that people get shocked.

Finland is a country where the weather is very pleasant and beautiful. In the summer season here, it seems like it has been just evening at 10 o'clock at night. At the same time, it is mostly dark during the day in the winter season. Only in the afternoon can you see the sun god for some time, that too sometimes.

In this country, there is a world-class competition to lift wives on the back. Whoever wins in this competition is given a beer prize equal to the weight of his wife. It is probably the most unique competition in the whole world.

The most interesting law of Finland is that here traffic challans are deducted according to the salary of the people. However, people also took advantage of this wrongly. Because people intentionally reduce their salary from the traffic police, so that their challan is deducted less.

There is a very unique golf field named 'Torneo', half of which falls in Finland and half in Sweden. The golf course has a total of 18 holes, of which nine are in Finland and the remaining nine in Sweden. People often reach from one country to another playing and playing.