The temple of Ambani's house is decorated with gold and silver! Click here to know more about it


The Ambani family, the richest family in the country, lives a very luxurious life and we do not need to tell you about it. Your eyes will be dazzled by seeing the statues of the temple of Antilia, home of the Ambani family.

The Ambani family has great reverence for God. The family is often seen performing Yajna and Havan. The whole family is involved in these pujas. Mukesh and Nita Ambani have also spent a lot in the temple of the house while building their house.

According to media reports, the temple in Antilia has only gold and silver items from idols to doors and everything. The idols of God are laden with gold, silver, and diamond ornaments.

There is also a place in the house that is decorated with expensive idols associated with all faith. Many times Nita Ambani spends her time here. Apart from this, whenever Nita Ambani's team Mumbai Indians wins a trophy, they keep it at the feet of God.

The 'Antilia' is designed by the architect 'Perkins' based in Chicago and built by the Australian construction company 'Lagton Holding'.