The study claims: for such people, only one dose of vaccine is enough, no other is needed.


Experts consider vaccination to be the most effective and long-term safety measure to combat the coronavirus. There are two Coronavirus vaccines available in India - Covaxin, and Covishield. Experts believe that it is necessary to take the second dose after 28 days of the first dose of the vaccine, only when sufficient antibodies are produced in the body. That is, you need two doses to be safe from the virus.

In contrast, researchers at the Penn Institute of Immunology have said in a study that people who have been infected with the coronavirus do not need a second dose of the vaccine, a dose is sufficient for such people. Let us understand the meaning of this study.

In a study published in 'Science Immunology', researchers said that antibodies increase only after the first dose in people who have had a corona infection, while there has been no significant change in the number of antibodies after the second dose. Scientists have reached this conclusion based on studies done on many people in America.

How do antibodies provide protection?

To understand this study, it is necessary to first know how antibodies protect you against a virus? There are two types of antibodies in the body. The first T killer cells kill the virus and the second B cells that identify the virus in the future when it attacks again and activates the immune system against it.

Researchers in the study point out that antibody response to the first dose was very good in those who had been infected with Kovid in the US. The study's author, E John Vary, says the results are encouraging for short and long-term vaccine affixes. In general, the first dose of a vaccine helps people to make antibodies and the second dose helps to boost them. At the same time, the first dose of vaccine works as a booster for those who have already been infected.

Many countries are giving only one dose to the infected

Apart from this study, several other studies also substantiate the claim that only one dose of vaccine is sufficient for the infected. According to a Bloomberg report, some countries such as France, Spain, Italy, and Germany have created a strategy to give the same dose of vaccine to people infected with Corona. In addition, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine says that people who have been infected before and have taken a dose of the vaccine have more antibodies in the body than those who took two doses of it. Huh.

What does this study mean in India?

Since such studies have not been done in India yet, so scientists are avoiding saying anything about this subject. Here all the people are being given two doses of vaccine. However, this study may prove to be a boon for countries that are currently facing a vaccine shortage. There are also reports of vaccine deficiency in India.

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