The strongest creature in the world, who survive even in boiling water


Put the 'Water Bear', ie Tardigrades, called the hardest creatures of the earth, in boiling water, crush under heavy weight or throw them in space, they will be alive. Not only this, in the year 2007, scientists put thousands of Tardigrades in the satellite and sent them into space. When these spacecraft returned to Earth, it was seen that the Tardigrades were alive. Even the female tardigrade laid eggs.

Normally, humans get disturbed at a temperature of 35 to 40 degrees, while this organism can tolerate temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only this, but these creatures can also survive in cold areas of space and heavy pressure areas like Mariana Trach. The tardigrade is believed to be the strongest organism on Earth, surviving from volcanoes to ice.

Ability to tolerate radiation

According to scientists, a gene called 'Paramacrobiotus' is found inside this organism. Paramacrobiotus is a protective fluorescent gradient, which opposes ultraviolet radiation. This gene absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiation and ejects it back into harmless blue light. At the same time, normal organisms can live for only 15 minutes between these harmful rays.

Biochemist Harikumar Suma of the Indian Institute of Science wrote in his research paper that our study showed that 'Paramacrobiotus' samples exhibit natural fluorescence under UV light, which protects against lethal doses of UV radiation.

According to researchers, the 'Paramacrobiotus' of this organism can be removed and transferred to other organisms as well. By doing this, other organisms can also survive under dangerous conditions and radiation. However, experts from other countries are considering this study as incomplete. Scientists from different countries have different opinions about this study.