The story of Roopkund lake: water is full of male skeletons, many mysterious events happen


Think you have gone to roam some beautiful lake among the mountains and suddenly you see many male skeletons there, what will you do? The story of Roopkund lake in the Himalayas is similar to this. In 1942, hundreds of male skeletons were found by the British Forest Guard here. During this time the lake was completely filled with skeletons and bones of humans.

After seeing so many skeletons and bones, there was a feeling that maybe something bad had happened here earlier. Initially, many people speculated that all-male skeletons might have belonged to Japanese soldiers who died during World War II while sneaking through the Himalayas to invade Britain in India.

Fearing the Japanese invasion at that time, the British government immediately called a team of scientists to investigate these male skeletons. After investigation, it was found that these skeletons were not from Japanese soldiers, but these male skeletons are even elder. After this, these skeletons were tested from time to time. On the basis of these tests, the opinions of scientists came out differently. Many scientists say that many people died due to avalanche here years ago, while other scientists say that these people died due to an epidemic. Why is there a male skeleton in Roopkund lake? And how are you? Scientists do not have the same opinion on this.

However, a study conducted in 2004 made several startling revelations related to Roopkund lake. Through this study, it was found that these skeletons were between the 12th and 15th centuries. Many new things came out after DNA investigation. It was also discovered that these skeletons belonged to different geographical locations. In the end, the scientists said that a long time ago, these people died after falling on the head of things like a heavy ball.

You will be surprised to know that the famous folklore of women living in the Himalayan Mountains describes a mother. According to folklore, Goddess Mata used to get angry with people from outside, who used to come here and disturb the beauty of the mountain. In this anger, he made heavy hail rain, due to which many people lost their lives. Significantly, in the research conducted in 2004, the same thing came out that these people must have lost their lives due to the sudden hailstorm. At the same time, many secrets of this Roopkund lake are still buried within the lake. There is a strict prohibition on entering the lake. People say that there are often many mysterious incidents here.