The secret of this fort has not been solved to date


Forts have an important place in the interesting history of India. There are many kilns in the country and all have their own unique and unique identity. Today we are going to talk about a unique fort that remains an unsolved riddle and no one has solved its mystery. We are talking about the Kangra Fort in Himachal, which is considered to be the oldest in all the forts present in India. Surprisingly, no one knows about when and who built this fort.

Spread over 463 acres, this fort is the largest in Himachal. This fort is also mentioned in the war records of Alexander the Great, which proves to be present in the fourth century BC. It is believed to have been built by the Rajput family of the Kangra state (Katoch dynasty), who proved themselves to be the descendants of the ancient Trivat empire. The mention of the tri-empire is found in Mahabharata.

The history of Kangra Fort is quite interesting. In 1615, the Mughal Emperor Akbar laid siege to win this fort, but he failed in it. Subsequently, in 1620 AD, Akbar's son Jahangir captured the fort by forcing the king of Chamba (who was the eldest of all the kings of the region). The Mughal emperor Jahangir, with the help of Suraj Mal, had his soldiers enter this fort.

In 1789, this fort once again came under the authority of the Katoch dynasty. King Sansar Chand II conquered this ancient fort from the Mughals. After this, the fort remained under Katocho until 1828 AD, but after the death of King Sansar Chand II, Maharaja Ranjit Singh occupied this fort. After that, it remained under the supervision of the Sikhs till 1846 and later it came under the British.

The British left the fort after a severe earthquake on 4 April 1905, but it caused heavy damage to the fort. Due to this many valuable artifacts, buildings were destroyed, but still, this fort itself holds many stories of history. Even today, people who visit it are surprised to see the amazing evidence of ancient Indian architecture.