The price of this 2 bedrooms thin house will blow your senses! Click here to know what is special about it 


You must have heard of many big and expensive houses to date. Many bighas of people are also built on the ground but today the house we are going to talk about has only 2 bedrooms. This house is very thin and you will be left seeing it. After seeing this house built in Chicago, America, for the first time, you will not believe that this house can also be there.

The house is named Pai House, built-in 2003 in Deer Field, Illinois. It is very thin and for this reason, it is a matter of discussion. Many people come to see it. These days pictures of this house are becoming very fast. To sell this house, its photo was posted on the property website.

The man who built this house is named Greg Wiseman, who had very little land to build the house. To make better use of this land, he built a one-story slim house on 1,122 square feet of gallery land. The walls of this house are 3 feet in width.

The Pie House has two bedrooms one up and one down. The house has two and a half bathrooms with a fully furnished basement and a ground floor with an open space. Six cars can be parked on the parking pad of this house.

In 2007, the house sold for $ 2.84 lakh. After some time, Honor wanted to sell this house for $ 3.10 lakh but did not sell. In January, the house was put on the property website for resale. This house has now been sold for 2 lakh 60 thousand dollars i.e. 1 crore 93 lakh 89 thousand rupees.