The person did 4 marriages in 37 days to get leave from office, got three divorces


Everyone has their excuses for taking leave from the office, if someone becomes ill, then some emergency comes. Many also take leave from the office for marriage. But a surprising case came to light in Taiwan where the man got married four times in 37 days and also got divorced thrice to take leave from the office. When the clerk applied for the first time in an additional Taipei bank, he got an eight-day holiday for the wedding.

After getting married on April 6, 2020, when the holidays were over, the wife divorced. Then married the next day and asked for a holiday. The clerk believed that he was legally entitled to these holidays. In this way, he managed to take 32 paid leave through four times of marriages and three divorces.

But the bank got to know about this holiday game and also, paid holidays were rejected. The angry clerk complained with the Labor Bureau, accusing the bank of violating the Labor Leave Act. According to the law, an employee is entitled to eight days of paid leave for marriage. Accordingly, this man, who got married four times, should have got 32 holidays. This is the reason why the City Labor Bureau, in its investigation, found the bank guilty of a violation of labor law.