The peel of these fruits will improve skin, by using it the skin will glow


Consuming fruits is very beneficial for health. Along with fruits, fruit peels are also very beneficial. Fruit peels can be used to keep the skin healthy. Skin peels can be improved by using fruit peels. Today through this article, we will tell you which fruits should be used to improve the skin. By using the peels of these fruits, your skin will glow.

Apple peel

Apple peels are very beneficial for the skin. To keep skin safe, make apple powder and mix this powder in oats, and curd and apply on the face. By applying this mixture to the face, the skin starts to improve.

Orange peel

You can also use orange peel to keep the skin healthy. To make the skin shiny, dry the orange peel, and then make a powder. Prepare a face pack by mixing curd in this powder. Apply this mixture to your face.

Papaya peel

Papaya peels are very beneficial for the skin. To keep the skin healthy, grind papaya peel and mix lemon and apply this mixture to the face. Applying this mixture on the face can relieve skin related problems.

Banana peel

Bananas contain magnesium and potassium which are very beneficial for the skin. To improve the skin, apply banana peels on the face.

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