The pack made of lentils will also erase the signs of aging, just use this way


There are many things kept in your kitchen, using which the skin of the face can also be improved and their minor shortcomings can be removed. If you have been troubled by sun tanning and the skin color has become dark, then try using this lentil kept in the kitchen. Then you will not need any kind of chemical beauty product. Lentil lentils must be present in the kitchen. A face pack made of lentil-rich lentils with healthy ingredients is very helpful in improving the skin tone. Not only this, its use reduces the visible wrinkles on the face.

Lentil pulses are also very beneficial in health. Eating this provides 25 percent fiber and 35 percent iron throughout the day. Lentil lentils benefit as much as food, so just think if it is used on the face then how much effect it will have. Let us know how much benefit will be made by using lentils on the face.

Best anti-aging

Masoor dal acts as the best anti-aging for the face. By using it directly on the face, it slows down the process of cells and tissue damage. In addition, it also eliminates free radicals. Let's know how to use lentils.

Lentil powder and egg

Make a paste by mixing one egg white in two teaspoons of lentil powder. Mix two drops of lemon juice and one tablespoon of raw milk in it and apply on the face daily. After drying, get rid of and wash the face with cold water. Soon the face will start to show.

Lentils, honey, and turmeric

Make a scrub like ground lentil powder mixed with honey and turmeric powder. By adding some water to it, applying it on the face also removes dead skin cells and makes the skin glow.

Lentil and milk face pack

Soak lentils in raw milk and grind them in the morning. Apply this paste on the face. This is a perfect recipe for facial cleansing. The thick color can also be lightened by using this paste.