The onion will help to reduce belly fat, consume in this way


Due to the lockdown of the past, the daily routine of the people has been completely disturbed. People are not able to exercise properly, as well as eating too much-fried food due to continuous stay at home or due to sitting, there has also been a problem with weight gain. But do you know that onion easily found in our kitchen can help you lose weight? Onions contain a flavonoid called quercetin, which helps reduce fat stored in various parts of the body. It corrects your metabolic process.

Raw onion is good in reducing the fat of the paste, yes eating raw onion has the problem of bad mouth, but only for some time. To lose weight, you can eat slices of the raw onion by adding lemon salt and eat it as a daily salad. In most homes, onion has also consumed this way.

You can also take onion juice if you want. For this, after cooling two onions and boiling them, put them in the mixer and grind them, then filter and separate the juices, a little salt and lemon can also be added to it to improve the taste. Which will make you easier to drink. While consuming onion, take care not to consume raw onion on an empty stomach.

You can also eat it by making soup of onion and vegetables, it looks delicious. It is also good for your health. To make soup, cut four to five onions and vegetables into thick pieces. Heat olive oil in a pan, then add garlic and ginger paste to it and cook for a while. After that add all the vegetables and add water as required. When it is cooked well, add herbs and pepper salt, etc. and serve it hot.