The mysterious lake of Tanzania, whose water turns it into stone


There are many dangerous lakes in the world, whose secret has not been known to date. A similar dangerous lake is in northern Tanzania, known as Netron Lake. It is believed that whatever touches the water of this lake, it becomes stone. There are many stone sculptures of animals and birds around this lake. So let's know in detail about this lake ...

There is no single population as far as Netron Lake. Statues of stone animals and birds are lying around this lake, seeing that the fact of the lake is magical also seems true. Actually, there is a scientific reason behind all this. Explain that Netron is an alkaline lake, where the amount of sodium carbonate in the water is very high. The amount of alkaline and ammonia in the water is the same. This is exactly what people in Egypt used to do to secure Mami. This is the reason that the bodies of the birds remain safe here for years.

However, Netron Lake is not the only one in the world which contains dangerous chemical elements. Kivu Lake in the African country of Congo is one of the most dangerous lakes in the world. It is also known as 'Explosive lake'. Actually, its water contains carbon dioxide and methane gas. It is said that if there is a slight earthquake near this lake, a big explosion will occur in the lake.

'Lake Michigan', one of America's largest lakes, is as beautiful as it is dangerous. It is said that there was a cloud of deadly gas near this lake, due to which all the animals and animals present there died. Scientists believed that there is a volcano under the lake, due to which the carbon dioxide oxide gas would have got into the water and would have turned into a cloud as the gas level rose.

Dominica, a country located in the Caribbean region of the North American continent, is a boiling lake. Going to this lake is like feasting on death. Actually, its water temperature reaches 92 degrees Celsius and this is due to a volcano near this lake, which always keeps the water warm.