The most dangerous effects of corona:Can not sleep and Forgetting small things,So be alert


The world has been battling the coronavirus for over a year, but still no vaccine has been prepared. Somewhere in the world, some new side effects of this epidemic are definitely coming. According to research published in the British journal Lancet Psychiatry, the coronavirus is not only weakening humans physically but also mentally, the epidemic has many negative effects. Another research has found that after recovering from corona, the nerves of some patients have been affected. When mental health is not improved for a long time, it affects the brain. Let us know how both this research and what are the results.

What is this research?

According to this research in the UK, when the mood of the youth of April 2020 was compared to the youth of 2018, the mental problems of the youth of 2020 were found to be extreme. In the second assessment of the same research, it was found that not only people suffering from corona in the U.K. are facing psychological problems but also elderly, people living alone, people living with children, poor, already People suffering from the disease have also suffered from anxiety, depression, and fear of corona during this epidemic.

Research process

Research in the UK has included both corona sufferers and healthy individuals. A questionnaire of 12 questions has been filled online from everyone involved in the survey. Researchers evaluated the answers and did a general and comparative study of the mental health of the patient and the normal person.


After evaluating the answers, it was found that when the patient suffering from corona returns healthy, he is not able to sleep properly for many days. Other people associated with him also face this type of problem. The money spent on treatment weakens it financially, which also has an impact on the mood of the whole family. People who are not suffering from corona but are working away from home, worry about the elders of the household and those who are frontline workers, they become depression victims.

Another research

According to another research published in Lancet Psychiatry, during this period of the epidemic, corona sufferers who have had a high level of mental distress have also affected their nerves. Those involved in the research were monitored for a set period of time, releasing the results based on their behavior and symptoms.


In this research done on 125 patients, various types of neuropsychiatric problems have been found in 125 corona patients. According to the research, 57 patients have brain stroke, 39 patients have encephalitis i.e., confusion and mobility disturbances, 10 patients have psychosis i.e. a type of dementia, 7 patients have brain swelling, 6 patients have dementia i.e. brain control problem. Was seen All these problems have arisen due to weakening of nerves.

After Ebola, the corona has an effect on nerves

Similar symptoms were found in patients and their friends and relatives in a survey conducted in Sierra Leone during the Ebola virus. Due to this many deaths also occurred.

Mental pressure problem

It is clear in research that depression and yearning are having a direct effect on people's nerves. People suffering from Kovid-19 are unable to focus their minds on different subjects due to being alone for a long time and children are unable to go to school. People who get paid daily are so scared of missing jobs or getting low wages that they are now dominating their minds.

Do not ignore the symptoms

According to neurosurgeon Dr. Nitin Dwivedi of Mahaveer Cancer Hospital, Jaipur, if patients suffering from corona are not able to see improvement in their mental health for a long time then they should consult a doctor immediately as it can cause mental problems at all, which can cause early-onset Symptoms are sudden weakening, sleepiness or excessive sleepiness, too much head pain or persistence. If these are ignored then further problems can turn into major diseases.

Patients suffering from mental troubles have increased this year in 116 countries

According to a report published by the World Health Organization on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, 89 percent of the countries have found an increase in the number of patients suffering from mental problems during this epidemic. In this phase of the epidemic, 17 percent of countries have also provided additional funding for mental health services.

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