The most beautiful woman in history, who did this work to preserve her beauty!


History is a witness to the fact that most of the fights in the world are either for money or women. Many such women have come and gone in the world who have won the glory of their beauty in history. Today we are going to tell you about one such most beautiful woman in history.

We are talking about Cleopatra. This Egyptian queen was so beautiful in appearance that many companies still sell beauty products and articles in her name. After about 2000 years, the discussion about this queen is still going on.

But it was as clever and greedy as it was beautiful. It killed many people to gain power. She mentioned Cleopatra as a very beautiful woman and for this, she used to use donkey milk.

She used to ask for about 700 donkeys of milk every day for bathing, which kept her skin beautiful. This has been proved in the recent discovery. Donkey milk has less fat than cow milk, which is better in every respect. So, wherever you are, you will like it.