The king who took heavy doses, who used to take taste of poison with food


One of the powerful rulers of the Gujarat Sultanate, Mahmud Begada was quite famous for his heavy diet. The food of this ruler was also mentioned by the tourists of Italy and Portugal. Although it is generally believed that wrestlers, who eat more food, but Mehmood Begada used to eat 35 kg in one day. Mehmood Begada used to eat so much food very comfortably and used to digest it. But the most surprising thing is that this king used to taste poison even daily.

Mehmood Begada was sitting on the throne at the age of just 13 and successfully ruled Gujarat for 52 years. He was considered the most powerful ruler of his dynasty. Mahmud Begada's mustache was quite big. Portuguese tourists used to say about their mustaches that they were so long and silky that they tied them on their heads like sofas.

Mahmud Begada's name was Mahmud Shah I. He was given the title of 'Begada' when he conquered the forts of 'Girnar' Junagadh and Champaner. It is said that after the Girnar fort was disputed, the king here accepted the religion of Islam, after which his army was included in the Sultan's army.

The diet of this emperor of Gujarat was famous all over the world. It is said that he ate a bowl of honey, a bowl of butter, and 100-150 bananas for breakfast. Not only this, but food was also kept on both sides of their pillow during the night so that if they ever feel hungry they can eat immediately.

According to historians, Mahmud Begada had been consumed any poison since childhood, after which he used to take some poison along with everyday food. This king's body was so poisoned that if a fly even sat on his hand, he too would die in a moment.

Not only that, nobody used to touch their used clothes, but they were directly burnt. Because the clothes are worn by Mahmud Begada also became poisonous.