The history of Patola Sarees is as old as the Bandhani print, this fabric's shine lasts for a hundred years


There is a lot of craze of Bandhani print saris and clothes at this time. Must have seen colorful small prints on sarees and dupattas. These are called bandhani prints. The traditional style of Gujarat and Rajasthan is becoming famous everywhere nowadays. Celebrities are also seen in the clothes of this print. Not only this, along with Celebrities Traditional, they are also liking this special print in Vestron outfits and this print has become the latest trend. Isha Ambani matched her mother's bandhani print chunri with her brand new lehenga at the wedding. However, not only bandhani is also another special type of cloth which is the first choice of celebrities. Like the bandhani, the craze of the patan patola saree and the cloth also appear on the stars.

Patola sarees are also very famous along with the Bandhani print of Gujarat. The history of these clothes is also very old. Patola is a type of silk saree from Gujarat. Which is knotted and colored at the designated places before weaving. Gujarat's trademark Patola sarees are considered quite expensive due to their method of preparation. The silk yarn used to make this fabric is purchased from Karnataka or West Bengal. Because of which the cost of this fabric increases manifold.

The history of Patan Patola Sarees is quite old. It is said that Raja Kumarapala of the Solanki dynasty called 700 Patola weavers settled outside Patna in Maharashtra to settle in Patan. At that time the king wore patola silk strap on special occasions. There are only three such families in Patan that carry on the business of original Patan Patola sarees. They have got the GI tag as well to carry this legacy forward.

The specialty of Patola fabric is that it can be worn on both sides. There is no identification of the reverse direction. The reason for this is its texture called double iqat. In double iqat weaving is done by crossing the length and width of the thread. Because of which it is difficult to distinguish its upright face. Indonesia is also a major buyer of Patan Patola sarees.

The specialty of this fabric is that it never gets lighter in color for about a hundred years. Patola sarees make dancer, elephant, horse, peepal leaf, parrot, aquatic plants, basket decorations.