The great benefits of small cloves are also effective in preventing cold and toothache and vomiting.


Cloves are used both in the ritual of worship and as a spice to enhance the taste of food. These small looking cloves can benefit you in many ways. Many times we get many problems due to wrong eating or other reasons, in such a way that it is not appropriate to take medicines every time or if the medicines are not available on time, you can get relief by using cloves for some problems. . Its medicinal properties are very beneficial for health. Let's know about the benefits of cloves ...

Everyone is aware of the use of cloves in the event of a cold-cold. In case of a cold cold, put one clove in the mouth and chew it lightly. With this, you will get relief from sore throat and pain. Clove also provides relief in dry cough.

If you have a toothache, immerse cotton in clove oil and press it into the tooth. This will give you pain relief. Massage with clove oil provides relief in headache, joint pain, etc.

Clove also removes the acidity of the stomach. If you are going on a journey somewhere and have the problem of nausea and vomiting, then taking cloves with sugar candy gives relief. Working for hours in the office causes a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. For this, suck one or two cloves in the mouth at intervals of few hours. This will give you comfort.

Consumption of cloves activates digestive juices, which helps in proper appetite. Cloves should be sucked into the mouth. Clove is also capable of increasing immunity.

Often people have problems with gas and constipation. But taking medicines repeatedly for this can be harmful. If you have a constipation problem, drinking two drops of clove oil in water in the morning provides relief.

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