The government released a diet chart: know what to eat for fast recovery from corona infected?


The country is reeling from the second wave of Corona. People are being asked to give special emphasis on increasing their immunity at such a time, unlike Corona. Experts believe that people whose immunity is good can be considered to be largely safe from virus infection at this time. Keeping these things in mind, the central government has also released a list of food and drink items that strengthen immunity against Kovid-19. Dieticians say that the foods mentioned in this list can be extremely beneficial not only for all people at the time of Sirk Corona but also for the future. Let us know about the foods recommended by the government.

Include colorful fruits and vegetables in the diet

The list of immunity booster foods released from the Twitter handle of My Government India states that all people should color their plate to get the vitamins and minerals required by the body. Fresh seasonal fruits like green seasonal, lemon, red papaya, orange, etc. should be included in the daily diet.

What should Kovid patients eat?

The list of food items released by the government states that people who are infected with corona should eat food that helps them rebuild muscle, increase immunity and energy levels. Corona infected must take whole grains such as ragi, oats, and amarbel, etc. Eating fresh fruits in the diet is also necessary at such a time.

Intake of turmeric milk

During corona infection, many people have difficulty swallowing food with no taste and smell. In such a situation, keep eating soft food for a while. Can include dry mangoes in food. Other people with corona infected must also drink turmeric milk once a day to increase immunity.

Increase the amount of protein in food

The list of food items released by the government states that increase the amount of protein in the food to avoid corona infection and keep the body healthy. For this, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, soybeans, etc. can be very beneficial. All these are considered good sources of protein. Do include these things in your daily diet.

How to overcome stress and anxiety?

According to the list released by SAARI, if you are worried or nervous during this corona epidemic, eating dark chocolate containing 70% cocoa can be beneficial. Consumption of walnuts, almonds, olives, and mustard oil is also considered beneficial. Apart from this, all people must do yoga and breathing exercises regularly. These can be helpful in boosting immunity and keeping you stress-free at this opposite time.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of the list of immunity-enhancing foods released by the central government.

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