The good news in battle with Corona, this company will give 200 million doses of vaccine in the Kovacs campaign


Amid the growing infection of Corona, countries around the world are waiting for its effective and safe vaccine. Many countries of the world are involved in the race to make vaccines. After Russia and China, now many countries including India, America, Britain, Germany are close to success on the vaccine. Corona individual vaccines may vary in price. In such a situation, a question is also being raised about whether people in rich countries will get the vaccine first and the poor countries can also remain vaccinated. Equal distribution of the vaccine is required to deal with this situation and for this, several countries have jointly made a Covax plan. Many companies are contributing to this campaign.

Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the pharmaceutical companies that are going to participate in the Covax campaign, have agreed to give 200 million doses of their potential Kovid-19 vaccine to the Kovax Center. Human trials of the company's vaccine are underway and it is expected to be ready in the coming few months.

According to the news, the trial of the Sanofi-GSK vaccine is still in the initial stage and the results are expected in early December. The two pharmaceutical companies said on Wednesday that they plan to begin Phase III trials later this year and urged the vaccine regulator to approve by the first half of 2021.

The Kovacs Center has been created to deliver the Coronavirus vaccine uniformly throughout the world. The facility is part of the Kovacs Plan which is a partnership between governments, health organizations, enterprises, and charities to accelerate the development and delivery of the Kovid-19 vaccine.

Sanofi vaccine unit chief Thosom Triumph said a unique partnership is needed to address this level of a global health crisis. The commitment we are making today to the Kovacs Center will provide a better opportunity to bring the epidemic under control.

According to data from John Hopkins University, the infection has been confirmed in about 40 million people worldwide and 11 lakh 60 thousand people have died. Experts say the death toll due to the pandemic may be much higher than this, as limited investigations are taking place in some countries and the exact number of cases is not coming up.

What is Kovacs Plan?

Actually, the question has been arising since long ago whether rich and powerful countries will get the vaccine first and the poor ie low-income countries will go backward. To eliminate this confusion, a 'Kovacs Plan' has been created, which is being jointly operated by GAVI, the World Health Organization, and CEPI. Seth Berkeley, a senior official of the Gavi Vaccine Alliance, says that the Kovacs plan has so far covered more than 180 countries.