The girl did this dance while making noodles, the viewers were blown away, the video went viral


Some such videos often go viral on social media, after which it becomes very difficult to say something. One such video is going viral these days. In this video, a girl is seen dancing while making noodles. Seeing her dance moves, people stop while walking and start to look at her with surprise. People are left stunned to see the speed with which the girl is seen making noodles and also dancing.

This video looks like a street market. The video begins with a girl who rapidly turns the pan. It can be seen in the video that flames are coming out of the pan. But she seems unaware of it and dances. The girl dances to the Gangnam style song and at the same time moves the hot cauldron around which she is making noodles. People were shocked to see this girl's dance. She is dancing very easily with this feat.

It is becoming increasingly viral on video. This video, shared on October 10, has been viewed more than 90 million times. People are also very fond of this video.