The Gateway to Hell: Know about a place where fire rains from the sky along with the earth


There are many such places on earth, which are known to contain so many mysteries within themselves. One of these places is named Danaquil Depression. It is located in a country called Ethiopia in North Africa. There are many hot springs and springs of water here, barley erupts like a volcano at certain intervals. Due to this, there are always intense movements of volcanoes here. Due to the bursting of springs, there is also fire rain here.

Danaquil Depression produces large amounts of potassium salt and sulfur. Due to this, the land around it has become red, yellow, orange, and white in color. For your information, let us know that the Danakil Depression is located 125 meters below sea level.

Three tectonic plates are present at this place. These plates make this place special. Due to tectonic movement, these plates are moving 1 or 2 centimeters away from each other every year. Cracks are coming here due to the slipping of the plates. Due to this, hot lava comes out from inside the Earth and volcanic activity is observed. Scientists claim that after some time there will be a deep crater here, which will fill the seawater completely.

Scientists doing research here have found the remains of millions of years ago. The average temperature of the Danaquil Depression is 45 ° C. Many times the temperature here reaches 55 degrees. At the same time, when volcanic actions are intense. During that time the temperature here reaches 125 ° C. For this reason, this place is also known as the Gateway of Hell.

There is always a warm climate here. This warm atmosphere can help scientists to know how the development of life on other planets and moons can be possible. The Danakil Depression is located in the northern part of the Afar Triangle in Ethiopia.