The expert told: Is the danger of corona ending due to the reduction of infection? Know the answers to eight such questions


The crisis of corona in the country is not over yet, but the cases of infection have definitely decreased. In the last 24 hours, 94,052 new cases of corona have been reported, but during this time the death toll has broken all records. In the last 24 hours, more than six thousand people have died due to corona. Since the process of unlocking has been started in many states in view of the decreasing cases of the corona, but after the unlock, once again the negligence of people has started increasing. Many states including Delhi, Mumbai have seen an increase in infection cases. Experts say that the carelessness of people can prove to be very dangerous in the coming time and once again the cases of infection can increase rapidly. Let us know from the expert what precautions people have to take in unlock as well as answers to other questions related to corona ...

What is the message to people in Unlock?

NITI Aayog member Dr. V.K. Paul says, 'Till 70-80 percent of the people in our country do not get the vaccine, then one has to be careful. Even after applying yourself, you have to keep the mask on. The virus has not gone anywhere, it is around us. Apart from this, do not party now, do not go in the crowd, do not sit or go to many people in closed places, only then you can stop the third wave from coming. Also, get any vaccine as soon as possible.

If corona has happened, then when is the first dose to be administered?

Dr. V.K. Paul says, 'The vaccine has to be administered three months after corona because immunity remains in them after recovering from the corona. After three months of getting the vaccine, immunity will increase further. But in the meantime, have to wear a mask. Follow all covid rules.

Can vaccinated mothers breastfeed their babies?

Dr. V.K. Paul says, 'Absolutely, before or immediately after getting the vaccine, you can feed the baby at any time. It does no harm, neither to the child nor to the mother. Don't go by rumors, the child's diet is mother's milk, definitely give it to him.

Can pregnant women get the vaccine?

Dr. V.K. Paul says, 'Any vaccine we have right now has no trials on pregnant women. We are currently giving the vaccine to only those people, in whom we are confident about safety. Right now our scientists are keeping an eye on it and in the coming time it will be clear soon. Till then be patient.

What is India's position in vaccines for children?

Dr. V.K. Paul says, 'Many countries have started vaccination in children up to 15 years, but this has been done by those who have vaccinated a large number of people 18+. The reason for this is that when the infection occurs in children, its severity is very less. Children have to go to the hospital, but very rarely. Now when we start giving vaccines, the vaccine is not done in a day or in a few days. This is done in groups. First, people are more prone to infection. In this way, the vaccine is being given on a priority basis. Now 18-year-olds are looking. When this group is caught, it will move towards the children, by then the risk in the children will be further reduced because the people around them will have been vaccinated. Apart from this, the vaccine has to be given to the growing children, so they have to take a lot of precautions in the vaccine. In this regard, trials are going on in the country on two vaccines.

How safe can you stay by wearing a double mask?

Dr. V.K. Paul says, 'There are many types of masks and not all of them have the same power to protect against the virus. Homemade cotton cloth masks, single or double-layered masks save us a little. The surgical mask is blue or green in color, it is a triple layer and is more secure. Now comes the N-95 mask, which protects even more. Now if you are wearing a cloth mask, then also put on a surgical mask. The cloth mask should also be washed, clean. An-95 by itself is sufficient. But if health workers are going to a place where there are more corona cases, then apply another surgical mask. This means to say that we have to increase the layer, even if we apply two cloth masks, we will still be safe.

Is the threat of corona ending with the decrease in infection?

Dr. V.K. Paul says, 'Unlocking is happening in almost all states and cities of the country. This is happening because, after the restrictions that were imposed, the cases have come down. The chain of the virus is broken. People were not going out of the house, were not going to meet each other. That's why the cases have come down, the virus has not gone anywhere, this thing has to be remembered. Now we know everyone knows the precautions, hence the unlocking. Still have to move forward with this lesson, wear a mask, don't go to meet each other. Don't go in the crowd. If you do not go to a closed place, then the case will remain like this. But if you do the previous mistake, then the same situation will happen. Remember that cases are decreasing because of us and increasing because of us.