The condition of winter vagina can be dangerous, know the reason and prevention


9/9 What is Winter Vagina, know Everything

Winter Vajina ... It may sound very strange, but in winter this problem can take women in their grip. Winter vagina is a condition in which the female private part becomes dry, its moisture completely dissipates. (All photos: symbolic)

2 / 9 NHS midwives and a nurse warned

NHS की दाई और एक नर्स ने किया था आगाह

Recently, a midwife from the National Health Service and a senior clinical nurse at the London Bridge Plastic Surgery and Athletic Clinic warned women against Winter Vagina.

3/9 cold effect on the vagina

ठंड का असर वजाइना पर भी

In a conversation with an international website, he had said that the skin becomes very dry in winter, along with it the lips also start to crack. But colder also affects the private part of women. Due to the cold, the moisture of the vagina starts to run out and becomes dry.

4/9 Pain caused during sex

सेक्स के दौरान होता है दर्द

This not only causes pain in the private part but also makes it difficult while having sex.

5/9 Staying in AC for hours also affects

घंटों तक AC में रहने से भी पड़ता है असर

Vagina moisture may be lost if you stay in AC areas for too long or even in extreme heat.

6/9 Do smooth sex in this way

विंटर वजाइना में ऐसे करें स्मूद सेक्स

According to the National Health Service, some lubricants may be resorted to relieve the condition of the winter vagina and smooth the sex process. But keep in mind that lubricants are not synthetic, otherwise they can cause burning and itching in the vagina.

7/9 Winter Protection

विंटर वजाइना से बचाव

If there is no benefit from them, then contact the Gynecologist. Apart from this, this serious situation can also be avoided by making changes in everyday food. Eat green vegetables and fruits daily.

8/9 'no' to soap or chemical cleaner

साबुन या केमिकल युक्त क्लीनर को 'ना'

Avoid using any soap or chemical cleaner in the private part.

9/9 Use such things for Vagina

वजाइना के लिए ऐसी चीजें करें इस्तेमाल

Use products that have been clinically tested and are primarily for the hygiene of the private part.