The common cosmetic problem related to the skin is white spots, do not be bothered by it, know the prevention and treatment


Vitiligo i.e. white spots is such a problem related to the skin, due to which people may not have any physical pain, but there are many misconceptions about it in the society, due to which people suffering from such problem feel themselves very neglected and lonely. We do. Till some time ago its treatment seemed impossible, but now it is not so. So in today's article, we will know about some similar techniques by which the treatment of white spots is possible.

1. Some people have very sensitive skin. Such people should try to stay away from strong-smelling soaps, perfume deo, hair color, and insecticides.

2. Some people also make tattoos on it to hide the white spots. Doing so increases the risk of spreading the stain.

Sometimes after a year and a half of treatment, scars start appearing on the skin. In such a situation, there may be a need to take medicines again. If the stains don't show up again for two years, there is a good chance that there will be no such problem again.

3. Skin grafting is also used for the treatment. In this, the skin of one place is removed and applied through stitching on the stained area. It hides the stains but light marks of stitch are visible.

4. Through suction blister epidermal grafting, the skin is divided into two separate parts through vacuum and normal skin is placed over the stained area, due to which the pigment of the skin is absorbed into the melanin stained area and there is a tone there. makes equal. There is no need to stitch in it.5. Through melanocyte epidermal cell technology, a small piece of normal skin is removed and melanin is converted into a liquid. After this, it is delivered to the stained area through injections. This brings the skin back to its normal complexion.

6. Apart from preventing the formation of scars, medicines are also given to the patients to bring back the natural color of the skin.

7. Phototherapy also proves to be very helpful. Under this, the skin is treated with the help of UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays of the sun. During this, the patient was given to wear dark glasses, so that his eyes would not be harmed by the rays of Saryu. After applying a special type of lotion on the affected area, the patient is asked to sit in the sun for half an hour every morning. Vitiligo can be controlled by these methods. If any symptoms are seen, consult a dermatologist. The sooner treatment begins, the easier it will be to solve the problem.