The bridge of the Mahabharata period is present in this village of India, its story is very interesting


There are many villages in India, to which some mythological secrets are attached. A similar village is also in Uttarakhand, which is called 'India's last village' or 'Uttarakhand's last village'. The village is located at a distance of four kilometers from the holy Badrinath, which is bordering China. The relationship of this village is also related to the Mahabharata period and also to Lord Ganesha. It is believed that the Pandavas went to heaven only through this village. Today we will tell you many mysterious and interesting things related to this village, which will surprise you.

This village called Mana is situated at an altitude of about 19 thousand feet. It is said that this village was named 'Mana' after Manibhadra Dev. According to mythological beliefs, it is the only village in India that is considered the most sacred of the four dams on earth. This village is also considered to be cursed and sin-free.

Another belief associated with this village is that the poverty of every person who comes here goes away. It is said that this village has got the special blessings of Lord Shiva that whoever comes here, his poverty will be eradicated. This is a big reason that a large number of people come here every year to roam.

A bridge built in the Mahabharata period still exists in Mana, which is known as the 'Bhima bridge'. People believe that when the Pandavas were going to heaven through this village, they sought a way to go beyond the Saraswati river present here, but the Saraswati river refused to give way, after which Mahabali Bhima gave two big- The big rocks were lifted and placed on the river and made way for themselves. After crossing this bridge, the Pandavas departed for heaven.

Not only this, but the relation of Mana village is also related to Lord Ganesha. It is said that when Lord Ganesha was writing 'Mahabharata' at the behest of Maharishi Ved Vyas, he was hearing the loud sound of the Saraswati river flowing, so he asked Goddess Saraswati to reduce his water noise. Despite this, when the noise of the Saraswati river did not subside, Lord Ganesha cursed him angrily that after this, you will not see anyone further.

There is also Vyas cave in this village, about which Maharishi Ved Vyas used to live here. It was here that he composed several Vedas and Puranas. Looking at the upper structure of the Vyasa cave it seems as if several pages of the book are stacked one on top of the other. For this reason, it is also called 'Vyas Pothi'.