The bride-to-be should not make these mistakes related to make-up, the face can be spoil


Being a beautiful bride is every girl's dream. For which girls make a lot of preparations. But many times she does something in the marriage excitation just a few days before the wedding. All the makeup goes waste. So if your marriage is going to happen in the next month, then avoid making these mistakes related to face and makeup. Otherwise, all the effort will go bad and the entire bridal look will be spoiled.

Use of new skincare products

If you have taken any new type of skin product. So do not make the mistake of applying for it a week before the wedding. Because applying any new product can cause a skin rash, pimples, or acne. Which will be enough to spoil your most special day.

Book a makeup artist

Whatever parlor or makeup artist you want to get ready for the wedding. You can book it three to four months or even six months in advance. No good parlor or makeup artist will be found at the last moment and you will not be able to get the look you want. So it is better than the sooner you show up in this matter, the better the makeup artist will be able to book.

Do not get facials

Do not make the mistake of getting facials on the wedding day. Whenever facials are to be done, get it done three to four days in advance. So that the skin glows. Otherwise, on the wedding day or the day before the facials, the skin will look dull and oily.

What to do for pimples

If your skin is like those people who suffer from pimples at the slightest tension. careful! It is necessary to avoid such pimples on the wedding day. For this, rub the ice on your pimples, so that they heal quickly. And your special day will pass without any pimples.

Do not cut hair

Getting a new haircut of any kind before a week of marriage can be the biggest mistake in your life. Therefore, whatever hair cut you want to get done, get it fixed a month before the wedding. So that nothing goes wrong for the wedding day.