The banana root is beneficial for health, learn it benefits


There are many such plants around us, which get many benefits from eating. One of these is the banana. Although the consumption of bananas is considered very beneficial for health, have you ever thought that apart from fruits, other parts of the banana tree are also good for health?

Yes, the consumption of banana root is considered beneficial for the body. The banana root is said to be rich in nutrients. Vitamin A, B and serotonin are found in plenty in it. Let us try to know through this article what the benefits of consuming banana root are.

For eye health

The banana root is considered right for the eyes in many ways. Vitamin A is found in plenty in the banana root, the intake of which can help a lot in keeping the eyes healthy. You can also take a decoction made from banana roots. If you want, you can also eat it normally. Consuming it regularly provides many more benefits to the eyes.

For high blood pressure

It is said that banana root is also beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure. Regular intake of it can help a lot in controlling blood pressure. For this, you can boil the banana root in water and drink it in the morning and evening. Its regular intake provides great relief. By the way, for your information, let us know that the people of North-East also eat banana root as a vegetable.

Is beneficial for asthma

If you are troubled by asthma, you can take banana root. The banana root is found to have antipyretic properties, which are believed to be right for respiratory diseases. If you boil at least one hundred grams of fresh banana root two to three times a week in water, you can get relief very soon.

Is beneficial for the stomach

Banana roots are said to contain a high amount of dopamine, the intake of which helps to correct stomach disease. Consuming it also helps in preventing gastric acid in the stomach. You can also use it as a decoction.

Note: This article is just to increase your information. You should consult a doctor once in this regard.

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