That unique country in the world, Where the car oil runs out is a legal offense, there is also a provision for punishment


You must have heard the name of Germany, the country of dictator Hitler. Yes, the same dictator Hitler, because of which World War II happened. Even though this country had become completely bankrupt due to the Second World War, but today it is counted among the most powerful countries in the world. Today in the field of engineering, the first name in the whole world comes from a country, that is Germany. There are many more interesting facts related to this country, which you will also be surprised to know about.

Germany is a country where you can drive at high speed on the highway. There is no provision of punishment in Germany for the speed of the vehicle, but if the fuel of your vehicle runs out in the middle of the way, then it will be considered a crime. For this, you can be punished or fined.

Usually, people call someone or pick up the phone, they first say 'hello' and then start talking, but people here start talking only by saying their name directly instead of saying hello on the phone. Huh.

Germany has the largest number of zoos in the world. Apart from this, it is also the tallest church in the world, which is named 'Ulm Minster'. The height of this church is about 530 feet. It is so big that two thousand people can sit comfortably in it together.

You might not know, but the world's first magazine was published in Germany in 1663 AD. You will be surprised to know that Germany is also included in the list of countries that print the most books. Every year more than 94 thousand books are published here.

Normally in many countries including India, people wish someone in advance (ahead of time) on their birthday wishes, but in Germany it is considered bad luck. People here only congratulate or wish someone on their birthday.