Take these tips from Kajol and Ajay to strengthen the relationship, the relationship will be strong


Bollywood's famous couple Ajay and Kajol have been married for 21 years. The bonding of these two still looks fantastic. Nowadays, where the relationship breaks down very soon, Ajay and Kajol are living a very good life together. If you also want to strengthen the relationship, then you can take tips from Ajay and Kajol. Let us know what things need to be taken care of to strengthen the relationship...

Ignore what others think

When Kajol and Ajay got married, many people said that both of them are of the opposite nature and their relationship will not last long, but it has been more than 21 years since Kajol and Ajay got married. These two are living a happy life together. Kajol and Ajay do not care what people think about their relationship. If you also want your relationship to be strong, then do not pay attention to what people think about your relationship.

Faith is important

The foundation of any relationship is trust. After marriage, many times Ajay's name was added to another actress but Kajol had faith in Ajay due to which there was no problem in their relationship. If you also want to strengthen the relationship, then trust each other.

Partner in every situation

Kajol, Karan Johar, and Shah Rukh Khan are very good friends, but when Ajay got into a relationship with Karan and Shah Rukh, Kajol supported Ajay. Like Kajol, the partner should be supported in every situation to strengthen the relationship.

Love your in-laws like your parents

In an interview, Ajay had said that Kajol shares a very strong bond with her parents or in-laws. Kajol loves mother-in-law just like her parents. To strengthen the relationship, give respect and love to your mother-in-law like your parents.