Study : If you also do beating children, then be careful, it affects their behavior negatively


When a couple gets married, they are very happy and make many plans for their future life. It is said that the happiness of marriage is a great happiness for any boy and girl, but when a child comes into their life then this happiness doubles. The parents take care of the child with great affection. However, many times when they make a mistake, most of the parents scold their children and raise their hands on them. But is it right to spank children? Does this make the child better or worse? There are many such questions, which are related to the beating of children. But recently a study came out, according to which beating or raising hands to improve the behavior of children has a negative effect on the behavior of children. So let's know about it.

In fact, University College London (UCL) and an international team of experts studied slapping and beating children. The study, published in the journal 'The Lancet, analyzed 69 studies from around the world in which children were monitored over a period of time and data on corporal punishment i.e. beating children and its consequences.

This study said that 63 percent of children aged two to four years around the world, or about 250 million, face corporal punishment by their parents or their caregivers. The parents of these children beat up their children. Anja Helen, the lead author of the review study, and Dr. Anja Helen, UCL's Center for Epidemiology and Public Health, said, "corporal punishment is ineffective and harmful, providing no benefit to children and their families. We recommend corporal punishment and behavioral problems." As we see an association between aggression, physical punishment is associated with an increased risk of persistent behavioral problems in children."

The thinking of parents behind the beating of children

Not only this, but Doctor Helen also said that even more worrying is that children who are beaten (corporal punishment) are at increased risk of becoming victims of more serious levels of violence. Experts believe that a child's parents beat them up because there is a positive change in the child. But in children, it has the opposite effect. When parents give corporal punishment to children, the behavior of the children changes, their thinking becomes negative and many children are also angry towards their parents.

Ban on beating children in these countries

In a country like India, it is often seen that parents sometimes give corporal punishment to the children due to some mistake of their children. But there are many countries where it is banned. In 62 countries, including Scotland and Wales, corporal punishment of children by their parents or anyone else is prohibited. At the same time, experts demand that this rule should be applicable everywhere.