Study: Evening exercise is better than morning, the risk of these serious diseases is less


Exercise is very important to keep health right. It helps in preventing or recovering from many diseases and also exercising strengthens immunity. Since a large number of people have fallen ill in this corona epidemic, experts and doctors have advised patients to exercise so that they can recover from the disease as soon as possible. In this sequence, a study has been done in Australia regarding exercise, in which its benefits have been told. It has been claimed in this study that evening exercise is better than morning. Its biggest advantage is that it helps in improving your metabolic health. Along with this, evening exercise can also help control heart disease and blood sugar.

This study did not include only men and men who ate a high-fat diet. The reason for not including women in the study is that the metabolism of women slows down during menstruation.

During the study, it was found that there was not much difference in the metabolic health of people who exercised in the morning, while there was a significant difference in the metabolic health of people who exercised in the evening. Actually, the process of converting what we eat and drink into energy is called metabolism.

What are the benefits of exercising in the evening?

According to the study, exercising in the evening not only improves metabolic health but also controls blood sugar and cholesterol and improves blood pressure. Apart from this, it also helps in reducing obesity, the problem of sleeplessness is removed and evening exercise is also beneficial for heart patients.

What to eat and drink for a healthy metabolism?

fresh fruits and vegetables


Foods rich in protein and iron

dark chocolate

Omega-3 Fatty Acid


Red Lentil

Fenugreek seeds

Green Tea and Coffee

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