Study: Corona virus can damage the kidneys of such people, this important thing came to the fore


Coronavirus infection can affect the body in many ways. Various studies show that people who have recovered from Kovid-19 have problems related to heart disease, lung problems and in some people, diabetes has also been seen. Such problems are being seen as an effect of long covid. According to doctors, the effect of Long Kovid can last for several months in people. In a recent study, experts have warned people about another problem caused by Kovid-19.

Experts have found in a recent study that kidney failure problems are being seen in people recovering from Kovid-19. On this basis, experts say that coronavirus can also damage the kidneys. Let us know in this study that what scientists have given special emphasis on in the study related to corona infection and kidney failure. Along with this, which people may be at higher risk of developing kidney-related problems?

covid-19 and kidney problems

To know the effect of Kovid-19 on the kidney, researchers have studied human kidney cells in the lab. In the conclusion of the study published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), scientists said that most people who have been victims of Kovid-19 are seeing complaints of kidney damage. However, it is not clear whether this problem is happening due to a direct result of viral infection or due to the body's response against the infection.

The virus can easily enter kidney cells

For this study, a team led by Professor Benjamin Dekel from the Sheba Medical Center in Israel studied kidney cells in the laboratory by infecting them with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Researchers found that the corona virus can not only infect kidney cells by entering them, but the virus can also easily increase its number in these cells. However, the fortunate thing is that the risk of death in people due to this reason is negligible.

What do researchers say?

Dr. Dekel explains the study, during the conclusion of the study, we found that the corona virus does not directly cause acute kidney injury. This means that if the kidney has already been damaged for some reason, then the virus can enter such cells rapidly and cause serious problems in people.

Kidney care essential after infection

Dr. Dekel says that if corona patients try to control this type of damage or kidney diseases in advance, then it can help to reduce the possible damage caused by the virus. People who are having kidney-related problems after infection must have had some kidney-related problem in the past, it is possible that the patients were not aware of this. On this basis, it can be said that people who have recovered from Kovid-19 also need to take special care of kidney health.

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