Study: Are you giving more sweet things to children? so be careful, there may be problems related to memory


Everyone loves to eat and drink sweet things. If we talk health-wise, we all know that consuming sugary beverages can make us prone to many health problems including obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay. This has more impact on the health of children. In a recent study, researchers have reported that excessive consumption of sugary beverages in childhood can lead to memory-related problems in adults. In such a situation, if your child also consumes a lot of sugary beverages, then be careful beforehand, this can be very harmful.

In a study published in the journal 'Translation Psychiatry', researchers reported that the consumption of more sweet beverages can lead to many changes in gut microbiomes that later affect a particular part of the brain. Gut microbiomes are microorganisms and bacteria that grow in the stomach and intestines.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), such habits are more common in the American people. Sweet beverages are a major source of extra sweetness in the diet of these people. Since it has become a part of the lifestyle, it was found during the study that two-thirds of youth and children consume at least one sweet drink daily.

Scott Kanooski, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Science, studied the relationship between diet and the brain for many years. In studies conducted on mice, they found that sweetened beverages not only affect memory but also have a bad effect on gut microbiomes.

The researchers gave the mice sweetened beverages during the study. These mice were tested for memory when they were one month old. Experts found that mice drinking a higher amount of sweetened beverages than water-drinking rats saw a variety of problems in memory.

Based on this study, experts believe that children who consume more sweet food and drink during childhood may have memory problems as they go to puberty. In such a situation, families need to pay special attention to children's food and drink, so that children can be protected from future problems.