Study: After how many months of corona do antibodies remain in the body? Researchers said


Ever since the coronavirus has come into the world, discussions about antibodies have been going on a lot, but do you know what antibodies are? Indeed, when a body is infected with a virus or disease, the body produces a protective protein, called an antibody. Despite having corona, antibodies are made in the body, but experts have different opinions about how long these antibodies can protect against the virus. However, most experts believe that these antibodies remain in the body for four to six months. Now, in new research on this, it has been claimed that up to eight months after being infected with the corona, there are antibodies against the corona in the human body.

This study has been done by researchers from ISS National Health Institute, Italy. The study included 162 corona patients who were symptomatic. These patients were seriously ill due to corona last year and were kept in the emergency room. Their blood samples were taken in March and April 2020 and then later in November, their blood samples were taken again to check for antibodies. However, about 29 of these patients died.

During the study, the researchers found that antibodies against the corona were present in most patients for the next eight months after the corona became infected. Only three of them were such patients, whose antibodies to fight the disease were not found in the body.

The study included two-thirds of men and had an average age of 63 years. About 57 percent of these patients were already suffering from some disease. Most of these patients were high blood pressure and diabetes patients.

This study has recently been published in the 'Nature Communications Scientific Journal'. In this, researchers have given another special information that the patients who did not have antibodies in 15 days of infection had a higher risk of getting seriously ill.

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