Strange : Why do lions always like to live in herds? Know many interesting things related to 'King of the Jungle'


We all know that the lion is called the 'King of the Jungle'. But do you know why lions are seen only in herds? Although the existence of lions on earth is very old, it is very difficult to know about their history because animal fossils are mostly not found. However, a few years ago Dr. Ross Barnett of Durham University in Britain studied the fossils of different species of lions kept in museums around the world, according to which the history of modern lions is about 124,000 years old.

Although the lion is a dangerous animal of the cat species, only a few species of cats can roar. These include lions to tigers and jaguars. According to scientists, the throat of these animals is such that they can roar. The roar of lions is very fast and dangerous, but it is not known to date why they roar so fast?

The secret of the long hair of lions is very deep. Male lions are believed to use their hair to woo lionesses. Lionesses are attracted to them only by seeing their long hair.

However, some people also believe that these hairs protect male lions from getting injured in the fighting, but scientists have not been able to get firm evidence of this to date.

Some species of lions are extremely mysterious, with the Barbary lions being considered the most mysterious. Their head, hair, and shape are quite different from other lions. This species of the lion is considered extinct today. They were last seen in Morocco and Algeria in the 1960s.

Many things are said about why lions always live in herds. It is believed that female lions prefer to live in groups for hunting purposes, but there is no strong evidence of this. Apart from this, it is also believed that lions live in groups to keep their territory safe. They believe that the larger their group, the more territory they will occupy.