Strange case: this person has given two acres of land in the name of a dog, know the reason


Generally, children have rights in the property of the father, but a particular case has come up in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. Om Narayan, a farmer living in Badibada village, has given half of his property to his dog Jackie and half to his wife Champa. After all, what happened to Om Narayan who replaced his sons with half the property in the name of a dog and a wife?

Decided to be fed up with the behavior of sons

Farmer Om Narayan, fed up with the behavior of his sons, decided to halve his property in the name of his wife and dog. It is being told that there was a daily dispute between Om Narayan and his sons, due to which he did not make his sons a share of the property.

The dog was declared heir by making a legal letter

Om Narayan has declared the dog as the heir to his estate by making a legal letter. Om Narayan has written in the will that 'My wife and pet dog are served by me, so they are most dear to me.

The next heir to serve the dog

Om Narayan further wrote in the will that after my death I will be entitled to full property and property - my wife Champa Verma and pet dog. The dog serving will be considered the next heir of the property.

Dog inherit 2 acres

Om Narayan has angrily reduced his dog's land to 2 acres due to a family dispute. After the death of Om Narayan, whoever serves the dog in the family will get the property.